Wholly Veggie!
WV Herby Garlic & Greens Veggie Patty 10.5oz 1 per each
Wake-up your senses with the warm aroma of sweet curry. Wake-up your body with the natural sweetness of honey, vitamin A-rich carrots. Top it off with the slow-burning energy brought to you by protein-packed lentils. Yum! R&K Item # 1122002
Refrigerated Burgers
WV Southwest Beet Veggie Patty 10.5oz 1 per each
Turns out, mom was right. Eating your greens is the best way to keep you going strong, all day long. Give your body a boost with benefit-rich broccoli, spinach and green beans - packed with vitamins, A, C and K. Hurray! R&K Item # 1122003
Refrigerated Burgers
WV Sweet Curry Carrot Veggie Patty 10.5oz 1 per each
Rejuvenate with the liver cleansing, antioxidant benefits of beets. Replenish nutrients with vitamin C-packed red pepper. Rev up your iron intake with tasty black beans, then relax (the dishes can wait until tomorrow). R&K Item # 1122001
Refrigerated Burgers