Is R&K Foods open to the general public?
As a wholesale distributor, R&K Foods is not open to the general public.

Who can purchase from R&K Foods?
We sell to customers with valid business licenses and reseller permits, from small independent business owners to large corporations such as chain grocery stores. All customers should set-up an account with us prior to purchasing, but the process is simple, please call our office, 206-709-9646, to initiate set-up.

Does R&K Foods offer delivery service?
We are able to deliver to customers who can meet a regular minimum order amount to be determined at the time of account set-up and whose location falls within one of our established delivery routes.

What if I can't meet the requirements for delivery?
R&K also provides a will call service for customers to pick up orders at our Sodo District warehouse. The minimum order amount is smaller for will call orders than for delivered orders.

What forms of payment does R&K accept?
Currently we can accept only cash and checks as payment.

Does R&K "buy back" any product that expires before selling?
R&K will buy back expired product if we are allowed to determine the order quantities ourselves, the product is given an acceptable shelf-presence and the account can regularly meet minimum sales amounts. R&K will buy back defective product or product that spoils before its code date regardless.

I am delivering to R&K Foods, what are your receiving hours?
R&K is open to receive freight from 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday -Thursday and Friday until 2:00pm. We are able to make arrangements to receive outside of these times, but please call first to confirm.